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Sport Protection

Our Sports Protection Products Are Caring Your Health And Safety. Try Our Kinesiology Tape, Sport Tape, Foam Bandages And So On, Your Safety Is Our First Priority.
  • Paraffin Gauze Dressing BP

    Paraffin Gauze Dressing BP

    The product is made from medical degreased gauze or non-woven together with paraffin . It can lubricate the skin and protect the skin from cracks. It is widely used on clinic.Read More
  • Elastic Bandage

    Elastic Bandage

    Plaster of Paris elastic bandage tape is made from a special woven cloth, (i.e. Leno Cloth), uniformly impregnated with the finest quality, fast setting plaster of Paris. The bandage is spooled on a round core for superior bandage stability.Read More
  • PBT Elastic Bandage

    PBT Elastic Bandage

    Material: 55% viscose ;45% cotton with woven edges/PBT bandage weight:28g/m²& 30 g/m² Clip: with or without clips, elastic band clips or metal band clips size: length(stretched):4m,4.5m,5m width:5m,7.5m 10m,15m Note: personalized specifications as possible...Read More
  • Crepe Bandage

    Crepe Bandage

    Elastic cotton crepe bandageis made of cotton, applicable to postoperative care and cares to various kinds of sport injuries, soft tissue injuries, and painful swelling of joints.Read More
  • Ice Bandage

    Ice Bandage

    Pain Relief Blue Ice Cold Bandage is a kind of wound fixation that made of cotton, polyester, water, alcohol, menthol. It is used for effective cold therapy form any conditions such as bruises, inflammations, sprains strains and sport injuries.Read More
  • First Band Aid

    First Band Aid

    1. Introduction of the Band aid Band aid can be made from absorbent pad and adhesive tapes using different material: non woven, PVC, PU, PE films, fabric.The comfortable material is hypoallergenic and flexible;The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound;The secure...Read More
  • Orthopedic Casting Tape

    Orthopedic Casting Tape

    This polyester sublimated cast tape rolls just like regular cast tape. It does not have a “stretchy” substate so there are no worries about pulling it too tight! Application is easy… ROLL AS NORMAL!! It is very conformable and moves around all the curves just like it is...Read More
  • Tubular Elastic Bandage

    Tubular Elastic Bandage

    Tubular bandage provides tissue support in the treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, joint effusions, general oedema, post burn scarring and ribcage injuries and is also used for pressure dressings and arm fixation.Read More
  • Gauze Absorbent Cotton Wool Roll

    Gauze Absorbent Cotton Wool Roll

    Plain woven cotton cloth which is highly absorbent. It is free from impurities and reasonably free from weaving defects. Normally manufactured as a 36x100 sheet and then folded longitudinally into a 4ply roll. These length and width measurements can be customized as per the...Read More
  • Nonwoven Absorbent Cotton Wool Roll

    Nonwoven Absorbent Cotton Wool Roll

    Cotton Pad With Absorbent Nonwoven Cover, is a 1/4" thick non-sterile cotton used for wrapping legs or injuries . Combine cotton roll provides horsemen the ideal bandage material used by veterinarians for post surgical bandaging and follow-up rehab .Read More
  • 100% Cotton Absorbent Wool Roll

    100% Cotton Absorbent Wool Roll

    It is raw cotton which has been combined to remove impurities and then bleached. The texture of cotton wool is generally very silky and soft due to the special many times carding processing.Read More
  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

    The bag is strong, compact and easy to carry, yet holds all the basic first aid supplies, preparedness items and more (200 pieces total). It is well-organized with multiple compartments and there is still additional space to add more items when necessary.Read More
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