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Sport Protection

Our Sports Protection Products Are Caring Your Health And Safety. Try Our Kinesiology Tape, Sport Tape, Foam Bandages And So On, Your Safety Is Our First Priority.
  • Nonwoven Self Adhering Bandage

    Nonwoven Self Adhering Bandage

    A Nonwoven Self Adhering Bandage is an elasticated sports tape used for strapping a sports injury such as a sprained ankle.Cohesive tapes offer compression to support a joint or muscle and are paricularly useful because they stick to themselves without adhesive and can be...Read More
  • Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesio Tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic and wearable for days at a time. It is safe for populations from elite athletes, weekend warriors to geriatric and pediatric patients.Read More
  • Cotton Athletic Tape

    Cotton Athletic Tape

    Cotton Athletic Tape, Easy to tear and unwinds to the core for easy use and great support.Top-quality athletic tape for all sports medicine applicationsRead More
  • Cold Non Woven Cohesive Bandage

    Cold Non Woven Cohesive Bandage

    Product description It is a Cold non woven cohesive bandage which provides up to 3 hours of cooling relief from heat, pain and inflammation associated with injury, aches, strains, bites and allergic reactions. Cooling ingredients: Distilled water, medical alcohol, ethanol,...Read More
  • Light EAB Bandage

    Light EAB Bandage

    Light EAB Bandage is a hand tearable, sticky, lightweight bandage used for mild compression or holding an ice pack, a lifting block or a dressing pad in place.Read More
  • Cotton Self Adhering Bandage

    Cotton Self Adhering Bandage

    A Cotton Self Adhering Bandage or cohesive bandage is a type of bandage or wrap that coheres to itself, but does not adhere well to other surfaces. Because of this, it is commonly used as a wrap on limbs, since it will stick to itself and not loosen....Read More
  • PBT Self Adhering Bandage

    PBT Self Adhering Bandage

    PBT non woven self adhering cohesive bandages with a double adhesive effect due to its crêpe texture and micro-structured coating; extensibility about 85 %; low consumption of material due to its strong self-adhesive effect;Read More
  • Foam Self Adhering Bandage

    Foam Self Adhering Bandage

    The foam self adhering cohesive bandage is a unique kind of band-aid made of soft foam which can take care of small cuts on fingers. It absorbs blood and stops bleeding while you can move your finger freely.Read More
  • Heavy EAB Bandage

    Heavy EAB Bandage

    Heavy EAB Adhesive Elastic Bandage is an elastic adhesive bandage made from high twist cotton elastic cloth. High twist cotton provides strength for dynamic strapping.Read More
  • Finger Protection Tape

    Finger Protection Tape

    Finger Tape is a robust athletic tape that helps prevent and manage injury and supports and protects your fingers, joints and knuckles while you’re being awesome.Read More
  • Rayon Rigid Tape

    Rayon Rigid Tape

    Sport Rayon Rigid Strapping Tape is made from a strong rayon cloth with an aggressive sticking zinc oxide adhesive mass.Read More
  • Foam Underwrap

    Foam Underwrap

    Foam underwrap is a roll of open foam that will protect sensitive skin when strapping and taping joints up. Slightly rubberised feel to prevent slipping on the skin and also widely used rolled up as a hair band with lots of colours to choose from.Read More
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