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What's The Sports Tape?
Jan 15, 2018

It is mainly applied to the range of motion. The players who grip the racket with badminton rackets are actually a lot of players. The purpose is to prevent hand slipping and palm sweating.

And the most important basic skill in badminton athletics is the change of grip. In an important official competition, if a slip of hand is wrong, after that, it is really a heap of mind.  Therefore, of course, we should consider the prevention of perspiration caused by clapping hands. Besides, the function of sports tape is not only here, but by adjusting the motion belt, we can adjust the thickness of the grip. For example, people will feel good on the market to sell the badminton racket handle is too thin it is difficult to grasp.

What's the sports tape? The material of the tape is also a variety of materials. There are leather or cotton fibers. Individuals can choose their own special racquets according to their preferences. But the tape can not be wrapped too thick enough to lose the original octagonal shape of the handle. Now there are many kinds of soft and humid adhesive tape for chemical fiber to choose from.