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The Function And Storage Method Of The Sport Tape
Jan 15, 2018

Sports tape, as the name implies, is used in sports tape, it uses elastic cotton as the base material, and then coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive made. At present, it is widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce the damage of the body parts, and play a protective role.

When using the tape, it is necessary to clean and dry the adhesive place first, and then tear the tape according to the length and quantity required.

Precautions for the use of sports tape

1. It is only suitable for the protective use of tripping and sports, and should not be attached to the wound.

2. The adhesive tape is one of the disposable products. It shall not be used repeatedly; the products can not be used in the products of breakage, dampness and mildew.

Transportation and storage methods of sports tape

1, the sports tape should be moisture-proof, fireproof, and pollution prevention in transportation, and it is not suitable to contact toxic and harmful articles.

2, the belt should be stored in a dry and clean room, and the indoor ventilation and ventilation should be kept.

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