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The Application Range Of Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage
Jan 15, 2018

Self adhesive elastic bandage is suitable for sports, training, outdoor sports, surgery, Department of orthopedics wound dressing, limb immobilization, sprain, soft tissue injury, joint swelling and pain bandaging.

Self adhesive elastic bandage should be uniform, neat incision, no luster odor, stains, and exposed the defects such as burrs; tensile stress is not less than 10N/cm; self adhesive should be not less than 3N/cm; elongation should be not less than 50%; there should be no skin irritation. The product is made of pure cotton cotton fabric, non-woven fabric, intramuscular patch, elastic fabric, medical absorbent gauze, spandex fiber, elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber compound coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive or natural latex.

Application scope

It is mainly used for fixing and fixing dressing, and can also be used to protect the easily sprained parts