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Performance Advantage Of Orthopedic Casting Tape
Jan 15, 2018


The orthopedic casting tape is more than 5 times the hardness of the plaster bandage. It has good protection and can resist the sudden effect of accidental injury on the treatment site.


The orthopedic casting tape is only 1/5 of the weight of gypsum and the thickness of 1/3. To minimize the burden of human activity will not cause inconvenience.


The substrate made of special technology has excellent air permeability, thus overcoming the itching and irritation of other products to the skin.

Translucent X-ray

It is convenient to carry out the operation accurately, which is beneficial to the reduction and understanding of the healing.

Simple and easy

Easy operation, only warm water, without any heating equipment, can be fixed in a very short time. Good plasticity, looser and moderate.

Variety of specifications

It can be applied to different parts, the adult and the children are packaged separately, more economical.

Excellent physical and chemical properties

After stereotyping, moisture resistance, moisture resistance, innocuity, irritation, aroma [1]

environmental protection

After the cure, it is easy to remove, complete combustion completely and protect the environment.