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Introduction Of Orthopedic Casting Tape
Jan 15, 2018

The polymer bandage is made up of a special glass fiber that is saturated with polyurethane. Polyurethane is a block copolymer containing soft chain segments. He has the advantages of good viscosity, fast curing speed, hard strength and light quality after curing.

Polyurethane is applied in the medical field because it has good biocompatibility. Animal experiments and acute and chronic toxicity tests confirm that medical polyurethane is non-toxic, no distortion effect, and has no local irritation reaction and allergic reaction.

Product features:

1. the hardness is high and the weight is light: the polyurethane material is composed of soft chain and hardness, and the cohesion of the soft chain increases and the hardness is enhanced. The hardness of the bandage after the test is 20 times that of the traditional plaster, which ensures a reliable and firm fixation after the correct reduction.  The fixed material is less and the weight is light. It is equivalent to the gypsum weight of 1/5. The thickness of 1/3 can make the injured part less loaded. It can reduce the load after fixed functional exercise, and is beneficial to blood circulation and promote healing.

Secondly, gypsum is solidified, still has a certain degree of brittleness, so the weight is too large, can cause fracture, lead to displacement after the fracture, and the polyurethane material bandage is composed of soft segments and the hardness, effectively reduce the affected part of the external force and the possibility of re injury, thus effectively protect fixed effect.

Note: the same part of the fixed, bandage material less than the gypsum to save 1/3. For example, forearm tube type, 3 volume of plaster bandage, 1 volume of bandage. The lower extremity tube type, the gypsum bandage 25 volume, the bandage dosage 5 volumes.

2., porous and good air permeability: the bandage uses high quality raw yarn, unique mesh making technology, good air permeability, and is conducive to skin permeability. It solves the problem of hot flushes and itching caused by local tube dressing.

3., the hardening speed is fast: the bandage hardening process is fast, it starts to harden after 3-5 minutes after opening the package, and it can be weighed in 20 minutes, while the plaster bandage will take 24 hours to complete the load bearing.

4. excellent X-ray transmission: bandage has excellent radiographic permeability and clear X-ray effect, which is beneficial for doctors to understand the healing of affected limbs at any time during treatment. The transmissivity of plaster is poor, and the healing condition can be understood clearly only after the removal is fixed. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the trouble of finding the standard of healing by X - ray examination after the removal of plaster, which requires two times of re binding.

5., good waterproof: after bandage hardening, the surface is smooth, and the absorption rate of moisture is lower than that of gypsum and glass fiber made of bandage and splint. 85%, even if the limbs touch the water environment, it can also effectively guarantee the drying of the affected part. Also not afraid of two times of immersion, you can wear bandages for bathing and water treatment.

6. the operation is convenient, flexible and good plasticity:

The bandage can be used only 2-3 times in the normal temperature water. If there is a skin injury or a long operation time on the fixed site, it can not be first soaked and fixed directly, then it can spray water on the outer layer to accelerate the hardening speed. Good plastic shape, bending and tensile strength high, can be bent at will, bandage can be made into tube type or support.

7. comfort and safety: A, for the doctor, (its soft chain is better flexibility) this feature makes the doctor convenient and practical for local plastic wrapping. B, for patients, the bandage contractility is small, will not produce a plaster bandage to dry after the skin, itchy symptoms of discomfort.

8. a wide range of applications: external fixation in the Department of orthopedics, orthopedic orthopedics, prosthetic aid tools and support tools. Local protective stents in the Department of burn.