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Comparison Of Orthopedic Casting Tape And Traditional Plaster Bandage
Jan 15, 2018

1. polymer bandage products for polymer materials have good X linearity, light and strong, good ventilation, no fear of water, comfortable, safe, hygienic and beautiful.

2., the polymer bandage has excellent transmission. It is good for doctors to know clearly the healing of fracture at any time during the treatment. Gypsum can only get a clear understanding of healing after removing the immobilization. Therefore, after dressing the bandage, we should avoid the X light after the plaster was removed and found that it did not achieve the healing index, and then re bound the material and time.

3. the same part of the fixed, polymer bandage used material less than gypsum to save 1/3. For example, forearm tube type, 3 volume of plaster bandage, 1 volume of bandage.

4. for doctors, the better flexibility of the polymer bandage is more convenient for the local plastic wrapping. For patients, the polymer has little shrinkage after drying and does not produce the symptoms of tight and itchy skin after the dryness of the plaster.

5. polymer bandage hardening process is fast, 10 minutes can be bearing, while the plaster bandage takes about 24 hours to harden bearing; gypsum in the hardening process, water recrystallization, a heat reaction, the skin of the patient will have a burning sensation, and polymer bandage is avoid the adverse reaction of the.

6. plaster bandage after solidification, still has a certain degree of brittleness, so too much weight or again by the sudden force, can cause fracture, lead to displacement after the fracture, and Sunway polymer bandage just in time to avoid this disadvantage, thus effectively protect the fixed effect.