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Application Of Kinesiology Tape
Jan 15, 2018

KINESIO is mainly developed for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. In terms of the effect of the movement of a movement, a general athlete

The use of sports cloth can only temporarily relieve pain and lack the effect of treatment. Athletes' use of intramuscular patch, old injury and previously accumulated muscle pain can be improved. If the injury is not healed but continue to be practiced, it can avoid more serious injuries and cause injuries again.

Intramuscular patch is widely used in sports health care and protection. Most of the users are athletes. Medical circles also begin to apply patch therapy to arthropathy. People who do not exercise frequently but have joint pain can also relieve the pain through the insertion of intramuscular paste to relieve the pain and achieve the effect of treatment.

Intramuscular patch is an elastic patch. It has been paid much attention in recent years in foreign countries. It is not as traditional as plaster or medicine cloth, but it is not easy to have skin allergy or maladjustment. And it's the main magic is from the design itself has tension and elasticity, whether it is the upper body with Buben "cloth" or lower paste for skin "glue", in accordance with the biomechanical and physiological mechanism design, so the quality of influence on the treatment effect is very large. In addition to the patch itself, determines the experience and technology of the most important factors on treatment effect to Zagreb therapists, a roll of the same patch, even if the suit with Zagreb, look appearance seems to be similar but for treatment may have been, but according to different patients with different symptoms made stickers when Zagreb the "design" and "fine tune". We need to consider the treatment of subcutaneous fascia tissue, muscles, joints, blood and lymph circulation, nerve tissue... And so on, the whole treatment concept and technology can give full play to the magic effect of the cloth.

This kind of cloth is mostly used for athletes, because once they have a joint sprain, the muscles are pulled, and they have to exercise only to stick. This kind of cloth can also be used for non athletes, such as muscle soreness, strain, and so on.