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Absorbent Cotton And Use
Jan 15, 2018

1, cotton genre:

(1), superior cotton piece, cotton is mainly used for hospital medical dressings, precision instrument and optical instruments.

(2), super, excellent piece of cotton lap is mainly used for medical dressings, handmade cotton, household use.

(3), ordinary cotton piece, cotton is mainly used for gauze cotton, hospitals, medical and civil special filter materials.

Do not export, mainly in Africa.

2, flower type

(1) and fine noil: do high-grade cotton, cotton, cotton.

(2), sawtooth cotton: can be made of cotton Spunlaced non-woven fabric.

(3) and Qing: do elastic cotton cotton piece, Mianjuan, sliver.

(4), a cashmere: do cosmetic cotton, Mianjuan, sliver.

(5), recycled cotton: do cotton piece, paper bag, paper clip cotton, cotton.

3. Cotton sliver

(1), fine noil and serrated cotton: do high quality cotton ball, cotton swab. It is mainly sold to hospitals and maternity and child health care centers.

(2), elastic cotton: can be used for medical cotton swabs.

The 4 class (500g/, lap roll, 450g/ roll, 100g/ roll, 50g/ roll, 10g/ roll)

(1), first drifting comb: mainly sold abroad or cosmetic.

(2), first comb after drifting: mainly used in domestic hospitals, families.

5, cotton swab (generally divided into medical and civil)

(1), medical treatment is generally 10-300px bamboo cotton swabs and various cotton swabs.

(2), the civilian is divided into beauty and health care, infant, industrial electronic precision instrument.

6, cotton balls (usually 0.3g/, 0.5g/, 0.6g/ 0.8g/, etc.)

(1) General requirements, medical cotton fiber in 15-500px, no short.

(2), the civilian cotton ball is generally divided into high grade and general.

7, dressings (gauze pinch cotton, non-woven fabric pinch cotton)

Mainly medical and make-up cotton base material