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Medicine Healthcare

  • Capsicum Heat Plaster

    Capsicum Heat Plaster

    Product description Active ingredients: Camphor, Capsaicin, Menthol Functions: Temporary relief of minor aches & pains of muscles & joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains Usage tips: 1. Adults and children above 12 years of...Read More
  • Cooling Gel Patch

    Cooling Gel Patch

    Product description Size: 5x12cm/4x11cm, or trimmed into any size you want. Structure: mainly consists of menthol, p-hydroxy benzoic acid, water, polymer material, non-woven fabrics. Ingredients: Sodium poly-acrylate, aluminum salt, glycerol, natural menthol, borneol,...Read More
  • Hydrogel Dressing

    Hydrogel Dressing

    Product description Provide post-operative protection for acute surgical incisions. Comprising an absorbent pad with an adhesive backing. Island dressings absorb excess wound fluid, maintain a sterile environment and provide a protective barrier against further trauma....Read More
  • Medical Blue Detectable Adhesive Bandage

    Medical Blue Detectable Adhesive Bandage

    Product description • Sterile & Latex Free • Hypo Allergenic • Waterproof. • Ventilated, breathable Plaster • Plasters are individually wrapped. • Excellent adhesive properties, Long lasting adhesion yet easy to peal. • Soft and conformable Absorbent non stick pad...Read More
  • Fabric Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Fabric Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Description Elastic Band Aid is made of cotton fabric material. It is used for minor cuts, scrapes abrasions, and puncture wounds. It's gentle and comfortable, can be used in hospitals or for personal care. Skin color, fabric material, good adhesion. Sterile and...Read More
  • PE Adhesive Bandage

    PE Adhesive Bandage

    Product decription Adopting Soft material,covered with holes in the surface,breathable. Sweat could penetrate through the small hole,better for wound healing Water-resistant to some extent,water droplets can not penetrate holes on the surface,it will drop naturally.Read More
  • PU Adhesive Bandage

    PU Adhesive Bandage

    Product description Waterproof Breathable Low Allergy 100% washproof,thin & transparent,use it better when you are swimming. More comfortable,fits your wound part artistically. Minimizes visibility of wound area with transparent protection. Blends with skin,hides wound...Read More
  • Silicone Tape

    Silicone Tape

    Product description Made of non-woven paper material Coated with silicone adhesive Ideal for all kinds of fixation Easy to peel off, convenient to cut the needed length Available with dispenser or plastic cover Not stick to hair and leaves no residue. Application Terrfic for...Read More
  • Zinc Oxide Plaster

    Zinc Oxide Plaster

    Product description The medical surgical adhesive zinc oxide adhesive plaster tape is made of cotton fabric,natural rubber and zinc oxide,which is soft,breathable,hamless to skin,easy to tear,use and store,has excellent air permeability. Features: Material: cotton...Read More
  • Silk Tape

    Silk Tape

    Product description Materials: Artificial Silk, Acrylate adhesive Soft, thin, breathable,flexible with movement. Acrylate adhesive protects skins from allergy, skin protected. Reliable viscosity. Easily torn without residue. Application For general surgical operations,...Read More
  • Paper Tape

    Paper Tape

    Product description Reliable adhesiveness, low irritation Excellent compliance, no residue glue No harm to skin and air permeability, enables the skin to breath freely Easy-to-tear products, making usage very convenient and comfortable Application Fix infusion needle and...Read More
  • PE Tape

    PE Tape

    Product description Easy, straight, bi-directional tear allows clinician to tailor the tape Porous for breathability Easy to handle with gloves Good adhesive to skin and tubing for secure placement Transparent for easy monitoring Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive...Read More
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