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What are the respective uses of elastic bandages and adhesive bandages in first aid
Jan 15, 2018

The elastic bandage is woven with natural fibers, with soft material and high elasticity.

Use: mainly used for surgical dressing and nursing.

The elastic bandage is widely used, the various parts of the body are wrapped, field training, trauma emergency and so on can feel the various benefits of the bandage.

Advantages: high elasticity, no restriction on the joints after use, no shrinkage, no obstruction of blood circulation or joint displacement, good air permeability, no wound condensation, water vapor and convenient portability.

Product characteristics: it is easy to use, beautiful and generous, suitable for pressure, good air permeability, and unsuitable for infection. It is good for quick healing of wound, fast bandaging, no allergy, and no influence on patients' daily life.

Self-adhesive elastic bandage made of pure cotton or elastic nonwoven fabric and natural rubber composite material and beam transfer, cut, external fixation and dressing for clinical use of adhesive used for wound dressing and bandage fracture splint fixation; direct wound dressing for wound dressing should be fixed; such as continuous wound infiltration should blood pressure bandage.

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