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The industry standard of medical absorbent cotton
Jan 15, 2018

1, character: soft and elastic white fiber, odorless and tasteless.

2, Whiteness: more than 80 degrees.

3, water soluble in 100ml solution for legacy should be less than 0.5%.

4, pH: add phenolphthalein in 100ml in the test solution was pink, with bromocresol purple means

The agent must not show yellow.

5, easy oxide: the 40ml test solution in a test of heightening polassium, 5 minutes is not completely red


6, water absorption time: less than 10 seconds.

7, water absorption: more than 23g per gram.

Soluble 8, ether: the 100ml test solution left residues should be less than 0.5%.

9, fluorescence: under the ultraviolet light tube, only the microscopic Brown fluorescence and the few yellow particles are allowed, except for a few.

There is no strong blue fluorescence at the separation place.

10. Dry weight loss (moisture content): it should be less than 8%.

11, burning residue: 2 grams of dry to constant weight, residual residue must not more than 0.5%.

12, for the surface activity of surfactant solution in the foam should not exceed 2mm (5 seconds.


13, the implementation of GB18278, GB18279, Jun supply GB18280.

14, the residual amount of ethylene oxide: it should be less than 10mg/kg.

The quality of the products - a simple method: (1) color (visual) (2) will be cotton into water water, water absorption time calculation (3) check whether the burning of cotton

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