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Orthopedic casting tape using high elastic fiberglass cloth
Jan 15, 2018

orthopedic casting tape comfort safety: bandage / splint after drying shrinkage is small, will not produce plaster bandage after dry skin tightened, itchy feeling of discomfort. Also will not appear in the process of gypsum hardening, water absorption recrystallization, fever reflects, the patient's skin will have a burning feeling of discomfort.

Good air permeability: the bandage / splint uses high quality raw yarn and has good air permeability. It solves the skin flushes, itching and other discomfort caused by poor local permeability.

A high molecular polyurethane product made of high - elastic fiberglass cloth and dipped in polymer polyurethane. Animal experiments and acute and chronic toxicological tests have proved that medical polyurethane has no toxic and distorting effects on local irritation.

Light hardness and high hardness: after testing, the hardness of the cured bandage / splint is 20 times higher than that of the traditional gypsum. This feature plays a reliable role in maintaining correct reduction. The high molecular bandage is made of high elastic glass fiber cloth, which has less material, light weight and 1/5 of gypsum. It can make the affected part less loaded, but it is good for local blood circulation and promote healing.

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