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Orthopedic casting tape can effectively protect the site of treatment
Jan 15, 2018

Just unpack the Hao bor orthopedic casting tape soaked in the water for two seconds, squeeze two to three, out of the water, with a pair of scissors to cut the orthopedic casting tape, hand gently to you just cut away section, the poor quality of the bandages will exile out some burr, luxury products bor there is no burr.

Select the appropriate specifications according to different parts, do not require a doctor's gloves; open the package, after immersion in water at room temperature, 4-6 seconds and extrusion 3-4 times, the outer interlining substantially uniform moisture absorption; extrusion or with a dry towel to remove excess water;

These burrs of poor bandages will sting or pierce the skin of patients, while the high quality products of Ho Boer are very neat, smooth edges without burrs, and will not hurt the skin of patients. Strong: high strength, can effectively protect the treatment site; ventilation: excellent air permeability, can effectively prevent skin itching and smell; X-ray can clearly observe the fracture healing, to facilitate the accurate operation; high strength polymer bandage, can effectively protect the burden of treatment sites to minimize patient activity;

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