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kinesiology tape
Jan 15, 2018

The term intramuscular patch is derived from motor function. KINESIOLOGY is a knowledge of the correct combination of basic principles and applications of various sports. It provides sports and physical therapy practitioners with a reference to achieve good exercise efficiency and promote sports injury as soon as possible. Restore function. KINESIO is a patch that has been developed primarily to treat joint and muscle pain. From the effect of sports patch, the sports patch used by the average athlete can only temporary pain and the lack of treatment effect. 

Athletes using intramuscular patch, old wounds and previously accumulated muscle pain can be improved, in the injury did not heal but continue to practice the case was obtained, you can avoid the more serious injuries and re-cause injury. General exercise posted on the material does not have the scalability, posted not only can not move the site, may also be due to bandaging too tight and cause blood circulation disorders, more likely because of sweat caused by intense irritation of the skin, causing rash and Inflammation. Intramuscular effect patch material in the scalability, can make the blood and lymph under the skin smooth, the effect of healing muscle pain, so that athletes can rest assured exercise and exercise.

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