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Instep injury how to wrap sports tape
Jan 15, 2018

The treatment with pulling injury is to do the following points immediately after the injury: 1. rest, immediately stop the movement, do not let the injured joint weight 2. cold compress. Ice or other cold compresses can help reduce pain and swelling, because lowering the temperature can reduce blood circulation. 15 to 20 minutes of cold compress each time, three to four times a day. 3. oppression. The use of bandages or other methods to oppress the injured part can reduce bleeding and congestion. The tightness of the bandage is moderate, and you can feel the pressure but will not make you feel numb or ischemic. 4. elevate the affected limb. The main purpose of raising the affected limb is to reduce the swelling and promote the blood flow. As for the ligament injury, the joint movement is beyond the normal physiological range due to external force, causing the ligament around the joint to be pulled, partially broken or completely broken. This is called the joint ligament sprain.  The most vulnerable parts of the joint ligament sprain are the knee joint, the finger joint and the ankle joint. After the joint ligament sprain, local swelling, pain, pressure pain, subcutaneous bleeding can be seen in the purple area. Early and correct treatment of joint ligament sprain is very important. Because the ligament tissue is not easy to regenerate, if mishandled or misdiagnosed to become a chronic disease, may leave the dysfunction, and later easily sprain. After the acute injury, the activity should be stopped immediately in order to reduce the bleeding. The purpose of hemostasis is to be immediately washed with cold water or cold compress with ice. The bandage is then covered with pressure bandage to prevent swelling. Ligament rupture or suspected fractures, the pressure bandage must call the doctor further examination and treatment. After 24 ~ 48 hours after the injury has stopped bleeding, then can warm towel or massage to reduce swelling and promote blood absorption. The temperature when hot, the temperature is not too high, the time should not be too long, massage should not be too heavy, so as not to aggravate the exudation, edema or bleeding. In order to promote the recovery of joint function, we should pay attention to the combination of motion and static, and carry out early activities without pain feeling. After the basic recovery, the strength exercises of the muscles around the joints should be strengthened so as to improve the relative stability of the joints.

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