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How to make the absorbent cotton gauze for medical use
Jan 15, 2018

Now the medical absorbent cotton gauze is used not only in the hospital, many families will actually buy medical absorbent cotton gauze, as is inevitable in our daily life have bumps, body skin trauma, so we need to use sanitary clean medical absorbent cotton gauze.

Medical absorbent cotton gauze is mainly made by processing of bamboo charcoal fiber materials, the first is to get some fresh bamboo smoked pre drying, pre carbonization, carbonization, calcination, spray, powder essence, processed into nano bamboo charcoal powder, then stir the bamboo charcoal powder mixed into polyester or glue it through the spinning equipment. Extract of bamboo charcoal powder containing filament, made of bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber textile and then obtain the whole folded gauze, gauze gauze will be.

Medical absorbent cotton gauze carefully processing, can let users rest assured use gauze piece, as well as an important indicator of medical absorbent cotton gauze is sterilized, so that it can promote wound healing in the process of effective guarantee.

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