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Advantages of medical orthopedic casting tape
Jan 15, 2018

1., comfort and safety: after shaping, it will shrink little and it will not produce any uncomfortable feeling of skin tightness and itching after gypsum drying. No gypsum will feel burning in the process of hardening due to water absorption and crystallization.

2., good air permeability: high quality raw sand has good air permeability. It solves the skin flushes, itching and other discomfort caused by long term local tube dressing.

3. sclerosis is fast and no toxicity: the shape is fixed for 2-3 minutes and begins to harden. After 10 minutes, it can bear weight. The animal's acute and chronic toxicological test confirmed that this product is nontoxic and has no distortion effect.

4. the hardness is high and light: the hardness of the bandage after the test is 20 times that of the plaster, which has a reliable fixed effect to ensure the correct reduction. The fixed material is small, the quality is light, it is equal to the 1/5 of plaster, which can make the weight of the affected area small, and it is beneficial to the circulation of the local blood and promote the healing of the fracture.

5. excellent transmissivity: the X-ray effect is clear after fixation, which can ensure the doctor's accurate grasp of the bone in the affected area and the healing of bone.

6. good waterproof: can prevent the external water infiltration of 85%, in the affected part of the water enough, and can also effectively ensure the desiccation of the affected department.

7., it is easy to operate, flexible and good in shape. If there is a skin injury or a long operation time, it can not wet the water before it is fixed. After fixing, it can spray water outside the package to accelerate the hardening speed. Good plastic shape, high bending and tensile strength, can be bent at will, bandage can be made into tube type, splint.

8. a wide range of use: Department of orthopedics fixation, orthopedic orthopedics, prosthetic auxiliary equipment, support tools and local protective scaffolds in the Department of burn.

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